Permanent make-up

Plum, naturally coloured lips – how many of us have dreamt of that? Better to ask who hasn’t!

To reach the best result we would recommend hyaluronic injections or a permanent make-up.

Of course, not all of us need it – let’s be fair, but here are some conditions when it would be a perfect solution:

▫️Obvious asymmetry
▫️Undefined lip line
▫️Naturally pale lips

Right after the procedure your lips may look too bright and excessive in volume but that is just a temporary effect and soon your skin will adjust and look more natural.
We would also recommend a follow up correction in a month.

Here are some tips for a better result:
🌿Do a light peeling of your lips 7 days before the procedure. It will remove excessive exfoliation and will improve blood circulation.
🌿Be careful when opting in for an acid-based peeling or any new skincare.
🌿It’s best to go easy on coffee, alcohol, or aspirin 3 days before the permanent make-up procedure, as all those substances can make capillaries more fragile and increase chances of getting hematomas.