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Every member of the Team is a highly qualified professional and an expert in their field. We are here to ensure you get a pleasant and absolutely unforgettable experience.

Ekaterina Sobesskaya

Founder | Client Director

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Lena Khan

Beauty therapist 

Lena is a truly enthusiastic, competent, and highly skilled professional in the field of Beauty therapy, Sports Massage and Physiotherapy. Being a curious individual with a passionate personality and being eager to learn, Lena chose to enhance her already vast knowledge of various techniques and became a certified specialist, offering a range of facial and body treatments, which comes in addition to her second-to-none experience in sports massage and physiotherapy.

She has got 30 years of international experience in sports as a professional athlete and have been a successful personal trainer for 14 years here in London.
Lena is a valuable Team member whose practical experience and widely acknowledged professional qualifications are a great addition to the overall experience BeautyKa Team is happy to offer.

Yuliya Kostenko

Acupuncturist & Leech therapist

Yuliya is a highly qualified Acupuncturist, Leech therapist and Hijama practitioner who has gained her knowledge from the world’s top experts. She graduated with BSc (Hons) in Acupuncture from internationally renowned College of Integrated Chinese Medicine (Reading) and successfully completed training with Institute of Clinically Applied Hijama Therapy (ICAHT, UK) with internships in Leicester and London cupping clinics.
Furthermore, she has covered two comprehensive study programmes in Leech Therapy (Hirudotherapy) with world-leading experts in Moscow and St. Petersburg, Russia.
Yuliya’s passion and desire to know and understand more about natural medicine makes her, unquestionably, one of our most valuable professionals, whose life goal to help people regain their full health potential by means of applying natural therapies is consonant with the key aspirations of the BeautyKa Team.

Alma Mockuite

Intuitive Reiki Healer

Alma is our intuitive Reiki Healer and that is a special mastery which we are happy to introduce to our clients here at BeautyKa clinic.
Alma works intuitively with great empathy and transmits healing energies throughout the sessions. This experience will help your body feel the healing and it will receive a deep positive transformation. With years of experience Alma learned that there is no need to wait for everything on the outside to be perfect before you can be happy. It all starts within you. When you change your inner world then your life experience will change, and this is something you can try when visiting our clinic.

Vitalia Fox

Permanent make-up & aesthetic treatments

Vitalia a certified specialist in permanent make-up and advanced aesthetic treatments with vast international experience.

Her knowledge and practical skills are the golden core of her work and applying high-quality material and working with safe, disposable tools is equally important for her, so the clients can be confident the service they get is at the highest standard of the industry.

Vitalia’s clients are her inspiration, and she loves her job for the opportunity to meet wonderful people and to create magical experience for each and every one of them.

Farinaz Mazhari

Herbalist & Naturopath

Herbalist and Naturopath, BA(Hons), MSc, Dip Herbal Medicine, Dip Naturopathy, Dip Chinese Nutrition Therapy, Reiki Level II, Member of the Association of Naturopathic Practitioners and the General Council of Naturopathy

Farinaz is an eclectic herbalist and naturopath focusing on improving the health of her patients by helping them take practical steps towards a total sense of wellbeing.
Her professional approach is based on the core pillars of health, which include a good diet, sound sleep, adequate and appropriate movement, mental strength, and prevention & treatment as necessary. Farinaz’s treatment plans consist of a mixture of naturopathic approaches focusing on these fundamental pillars and based on herbal remedies, food planning, detoxification, flower remedies, and essential oils. Conditions that can benefit from herbal medicine include digestive disorders such as IBS, women’s problems such as PCOS or menopause, blood pressure, allergies, anxiety, sleep disorders, skin conditions, poor immunity & more.

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