Loosing hair after having COVID-19?

Here at Beautyka our specialists have noticed that this problem occurs after three-four months since recovery from coronavirus infection and we believe this can also be a result of the body’s reduced resources of revitalising elements and it’s difficult for it to produce new ones quickly enough.

At the same time, our hair follicles normal functioning doesn’t seem to be connected to age, sex or disease progress.

If you have experienced a similar problem, Beautyka clinic specialists will be able to help to have your hair strong, bright, and healthy again.

We offer effective treatments which proved to be successful in reaching a desired effect quickly:

✅ Hair Loss (1 hr) £100

See the stunning result for yourself. This is one of our clients, who has kindly agreed to share her experience with you here. Her hair is now more thick and the hair loss is evidently reduced.

If you need our help, please, book Advance Aesthetic Treatment!