Katherine Daniels’ Firming Resculpting Body

What kick starts your diet or healthy eating regime? For most people it’s an #event, a #wedding, a special #birthday or they’ve seen a photograph of themselves and thought surely that can’t be me. I’m never that size or shape. For me, it was a Mini Me.

The #KatherineDaniels Firming Resculpting Body Treatment is the ultimate hour long treatment that you need to get immediate inch loss and much smoother, firmer skin.

The treatment starts with exfoliation and then a self-heating gel is applied to target the fat cells, this is massaged in using the Katherine Daniels Manual Colonic Irrigation Massage technique which gently encourages your digestive system to excrete any unwanted waste matter after the treatment.

⭐The result

After you have been warmed, cooled and massaged, the natural detox process starts and you immediately notice a difference in the size of your waist, abdomen and thighs. 

Just seeing yourself looking slightly thinner and more toned definitely gives you the incentive to keep up the good work, feeling the softness of your skin makes you also want to try harder to keep it feeling that way every day.

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💚Katherine Daniels’ Firming Resculpting Body (60 min) – £75