Here’s a brief recommendation for a daily teenage skin care

How many times have you thought “if only I’d listened to my mum when she kept saying the secret of youthful skin was in a daily skincare routine”? 

Well, your mum was actually right and now, 🌺being parents ourselves we can help our growing (‘oh so fast’!) children to learn better.

Here’s a brief recommendation for a daily teenage skin care:

✨Do a light skin cleanising 

✨Try to find the best skin care products that work for you and actually use it daily to clean and tone your skin.

✨Needless to say, that the best way to find the right product is to consult with a specialist. We would recommend to consider skin care approved by dermatologists and which are available in most pharmacies – Aven, La roshe, Posay, Bioderma, VICHI, A- derma, etc.

✨It is important not to overdo with cosmetics as teenage skin is very sensitive and can react with extra acne (and we don’t want that, do we?) 

✨One of ‘must haves’ on your bathroom shelf – cleansing foams and lotions, which should not contain glycerine or hyaluronic acid.

✨And when you pick a toner make sure it’s alcohol free but is full of natural anti-inflammatory agents: hamamelis, tea tree oil, marigold and camomile and many other great herbs. 

✨We wouldn’t recommend going heavy on facial creams and choose a light serum instead, which will hydrate the skin but will be light in texture.

✨And of course, you can start a great tradition which we can help with – to treat yourself and your teenage child to having a relaxing time at our clinic. We’ve got a range of treatments for young skin. 📞Call us and book a Teen Facial!