Have you ever heard about Craniosacral Therapy?

Have you ever heard about Craniosacral Therapy?

It is a complex of soft techniques a practitioner uses for helping your body to rejuvenate and energise and the main focus stays in the area of your head. 

Surely, you’ve heard that our bodies are functioning in accordance with certain bio rhythms and when for some reason there is a problem with adjusting to those rhythms one can be certain there soon will be a pathology discovered. Only then we rush to see a GP and seek for a remedy but very often the problem lies deeper than the physical aspect and we turn to alternative methods.

Here, at Beautyka we aim to provide best treatments alternative medicine has to offer and Craniosacral therapy is one of most popular healing methods.

Apart from the well-known bio rhythms there is one we’d like to tell you more about. That is a rhythm with which our spinal fluid moves: it goes up from the sacrum, along the spinal column and enters the scull and as it moves, it has an effect on all our organs and internal systems.

🌅That is why the method is called Craniosacral: Cranium – Scull and Sacrum – edgebone. 

When the flow of the spinal ✨ fluid is affected, our certified specialists will work towards normalising the process and the fluid reaches all the organs, helping our body to heal naturally.

Craniosacral therapy helps to rebuild energy and gives the body an extra strength. It helps to improve your emotional state and you feel fully recharged after the first session.

📍This therapy has proved to be successful in treating patience with such symptoms and illnesses as:

▫️headaches and migraines
▫️psycho-emotional disorders
▫️musculoskeletal disorders (osteochondrosis, scoliosis, etc.)
▫️chronic fatigue syndrome
▫️acute intra-cranial pressure and many more.

The main benefit of this treatment is that we do not force our body to heal itself but guide it to find the best way to do it naturally.

There is no forceful manipulation – only careful support and guidance. ⠀

Are you curious enough to try Craniosacral therapy?