Beautyka clinic gift card

Share the joy!
Emotions, especially positive ones – that what makes us feel truly alive.

On your birthday, special occasion or just because it’s such a wonderful day.

Sharing emotions, seeing those in the eyes of our loved ones and enjoying every minute isn’t it what we call a pure bliss? 

Beautyka clinic gift card for a treatment of your choice is a way to make your special someone feel that joy. 

A facial treatment for their skin to glow, or a therapeutic massage, or anything from the variety of options we are offering. Just add a price, and let your loved ones pick what they would prefer later.
We offer:

  • gift card with a prepaid budget for any treatment at our clinic 
  • you can order gift card to be delivered (this service is available only in Ealing); Gift cards with budgets £200 and over get a free delivery. 


Make a gift of choice, a gift of joy and beauty