Body Black Slim & Detox (Mavex)


Black Pepper, Vegetal Carbon and four new-generation very powerful slimming phytocomplexes united synergically in one extraordinary enveloping beauty treatment for the body that can slim, reshape and detox with unprecedented efficacy. Acts with a double synergic action which frees the body from excess fat and from toxins: 1. SLIMMING FAT-BURNING ACTION By acting on the cellular metabolism, it transforms fats into energy and helps the reduction of fatty deposits, with a visible slimming effect. 2. DETOXING DRAINING ACTION It frees and absorbs with extraordinary effectiveness the fluids full of waste and toxins, with a powerful purifying effect. BODY BLACK is an extraordinarily effective new-generation treatment which uses ingredients of natural origin to give visible results from the very first session: • It reduces localised fat • It visibly reshapes the silhouette • It detoxes the skin in depth, absorbing and draining the accumulated toxins and waste • It leaves skin supple and compact